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Floor Cleaning Equipment Ontario offers a suitable type of floor cleaning machine with matching accessories for all applications. When choosing your floor scrubber or sweeper, the most important questions to consider are: floor type, floor size, and whether or not you will require a multifunctional floor cleaning machine, such as a 2-in-1 sweeper & scrubber. We represent almost every manufacturer in this industry in an effort to provide our customers with the selection they need to choose the best equipment for their application.

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Floor Cleaning Equipment Ontario, a division of Priced Right Cleaning Equipment Inc., is your best source for top quality floor cleaning equipment, service, parts and accessories. In association with our Canadian and U.S partners, Floor Cleaning Equipment Ontario remains the leading provider of low price, high quality, new and refurbished floor cleaning equipment, parts & service. Floor Cleaning Equipment Ontario sells the most reliable and affordable floor cleaning equipment available. We provide customers with budget priced, top-name-brand, new and refurbished floor scrubbers, floor sweepers, propane burnishers, electric polishers, certified service & parts!

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